Friday, December 19, 2008

Hey, can you drive over and cough on me a couple times? yeah, thanks.

with everyone that i know being sick and all that the
brightly colored frocks in semi-transparent fabrics really takes my mind off of being infected by all the mouth-breathers at ours school, who curiously always cough on MY head when i'm walking to class. not so fun.  so this will surely brighten up this snow day we are having today, which is double the awesome because it was the last day before winter break, so it's like one more day of doing nothing and eating fruitcake and peppermint hot chocolate...

well anyway, i love the Wunderkind spring 2009 line with the contrasting fabrics, textures and patterns

i love the supersized plaid thang going on

i think the swim suit-shaped silhouette is pretty awesome

i really like the olive military-inspired jackets and pants with belted flowing, floral, bows & lace shirts with bright summery colors

{{love this dress}}

love this dress even more a blue bow and olive jacket

enjoy your holidays

listening to;;
Love is Noise
The Verve

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