Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good Golly, Let's Get Jolly!

once again, 'tis that time of year where people are compelled to buy things for people they know.

but if you want to buy someone something and simultaneously having them actually like the gift at the same time, but no idea what to get them... especially if they are of the age of 12-13... look no further.
here are the ideas.

aww. it's cute. and versatile. and cute. 
and those are real sprinkles.

sprinkle heart ring

i believe this is a...
yes, in fact, it is

hopping yodelling lederhosen

 the reason i want this is because i can only imagine the wonderful horror stories of embarressing pant-ripping and other enjoyable things that are funny if they don't happen to you.

Cringe: Teenage Diaries

Smelly pencils. 
one word-- genius

gourmet scented colored pencils

hit the nail on the head.

I'm saving up for...banks
listening to:

Unworn Dress
by Horse in the Sea
Album: I Order the Sun to Shine on Everyone


karl's sweet child said...

love that sprinkle ring!

Ms M said...

I would actually kill for that ring...if it wasnt for the fact that it is quite acessible...not costing millions and all *giggles* i likey