Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy year of new-ness!

here is a happy picture! hopefully it will warm you up, if where ever you live is cold. like here. Today: high of 19 degrees *shivers*

sorry for the EXTREME lack of posts.
very sorry.

i have been busy and just came back from a trip to Minnesota where i did stuff & things.

I hope everyone had an AH-MAZ-ING Christmas and got everything you wanted (heh... heh..) and will have a amazing 2009! (2008 just went by so fast! and 2009 just arrived like that! *snaps fingers*)

have fun eating fondue and staying up until midnight!

New Years Resolutions!
(what are yours?)

  1. Get all my DIYs, crafts and all that stuff semi-organized
  2. stop procrastinating
  3. eat better (pfft, yeah sure)
  4. get a new pair of shoes (hehe this one's pretty easy, right?)
  5. stop procrastinating x10
lol. like i said before, have a great New Year's!!!

Listening to: Psycho Killer by Talking Heads

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Your Holidays...

i hope you are spending them with people you love and don't forget to have fun, get presents and eat some good food 

Well, have a happy Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa or whatever you celebrate
with people you love :)

((don't get too boozed up))

happay holidays!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Hey, can you drive over and cough on me a couple times? yeah, thanks.

with everyone that i know being sick and all that the
brightly colored frocks in semi-transparent fabrics really takes my mind off of being infected by all the mouth-breathers at ours school, who curiously always cough on MY head when i'm walking to class. not so fun.  so this will surely brighten up this snow day we are having today, which is double the awesome because it was the last day before winter break, so it's like one more day of doing nothing and eating fruitcake and peppermint hot chocolate...

well anyway, i love the Wunderkind spring 2009 line with the contrasting fabrics, textures and patterns

i love the supersized plaid thang going on

i think the swim suit-shaped silhouette is pretty awesome

i really like the olive military-inspired jackets and pants with belted flowing, floral, bows & lace shirts with bright summery colors

{{love this dress}}

love this dress even more a blue bow and olive jacket

enjoy your holidays

listening to;;
Love is Noise
The Verve

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

it saddens me to see how much you actually care

it does, really.
well today it seems they let school out 2 hours early (!!!) because of "severe weather predictions" and all i thought was haha. all that is b.s. but whatever! still awesome

since after christmashanukkahkwanzaa i will get my camera (hopefully!) and post something than inspirations
but until then...

here are la inspirations;

listening to...
by The Killers

{{I <3>

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Good Golly, Let's Get Jolly!

once again, 'tis that time of year where people are compelled to buy things for people they know.

but if you want to buy someone something and simultaneously having them actually like the gift at the same time, but no idea what to get them... especially if they are of the age of 12-13... look no further.
here are the ideas.

aww. it's cute. and versatile. and cute. 
and those are real sprinkles.

sprinkle heart ring

i believe this is a...
yes, in fact, it is

hopping yodelling lederhosen

 the reason i want this is because i can only imagine the wonderful horror stories of embarressing pant-ripping and other enjoyable things that are funny if they don't happen to you.

Cringe: Teenage Diaries

Smelly pencils. 
one word-- genius

gourmet scented colored pencils

hit the nail on the head.

I'm saving up for...banks
listening to:

Unworn Dress
by Horse in the Sea
Album: I Order the Sun to Shine on Everyone

My Daily Contribution to the Bottomless Well

sorry for the (lack of) posts.
truly sorry.

from eating various kinds of bagels and writing papers, brochures and reports for la school
i have no time.
so if i stumble across some pleasant and or attractive inspiration, i'll make sure to share

and i need to find another suitable DIY... *puts in mental to-do list*
her are la insprirations

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

50s mom mixed with a touch of Alice in Wonderland

saw betsey johnson's spring 2009 line...
and i could only gasp in wonder as the hoop skirts in kaleidoscope colors, sweater reminiscent of nursery time and patterns that clash artfully.
love it.
here are some favs.

this dress reminds me off a dress that i would wear when i was little

that. skirt. is fab. and i could use some of those socks in everyday life.

i really like the silhouette of this dress. it has a hint of school girl-ishness and love how all the models carried a variety of metal lunch boxes and glossy colored wigs with black satin hats.

listening to::
Sweet Tangerine by the Hush Sound

((i love their whole album Like Vines...with lilting melodies, fun lyrics and alluring styles they alternate with...


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

diy:: alphabet & ribbon

everyday since who knows when has been cold here. the weather pretty much consists of arctic winds blowing through, and snow falling every which way. besides reading magazines and drinking peppermint hot chocolate, there's not much to do. so i decided to break out my ol' diy skills and put them to work

 i found this tray at Target at one of my recent shopping experiences and glued (with my super-duper extra heavy duty glue gun! seriously, that thing can protect against bullets) some ribbon to it and hung it up.


btw, you could add any color of ribbon you want
but that was the only stuff i had on hand


To start this thing off...


First post... never know what to say. BUT mostly this blog thinger will be about DIYs, whatever i find cool, and stuff & things.

hope you enjoy.

(yes, i will be known as H)