Wednesday, December 10, 2008

50s mom mixed with a touch of Alice in Wonderland

saw betsey johnson's spring 2009 line...
and i could only gasp in wonder as the hoop skirts in kaleidoscope colors, sweater reminiscent of nursery time and patterns that clash artfully.
love it.
here are some favs.

this dress reminds me off a dress that i would wear when i was little

that. skirt. is fab. and i could use some of those socks in everyday life.

i really like the silhouette of this dress. it has a hint of school girl-ishness and love how all the models carried a variety of metal lunch boxes and glossy colored wigs with black satin hats.

listening to::
Sweet Tangerine by the Hush Sound

((i love their whole album Like Vines...with lilting melodies, fun lyrics and alluring styles they alternate with...


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