Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy year of new-ness!

here is a happy picture! hopefully it will warm you up, if where ever you live is cold. like here. Today: high of 19 degrees *shivers*

sorry for the EXTREME lack of posts.
very sorry.

i have been busy and just came back from a trip to Minnesota where i did stuff & things.

I hope everyone had an AH-MAZ-ING Christmas and got everything you wanted (heh... heh..) and will have a amazing 2009! (2008 just went by so fast! and 2009 just arrived like that! *snaps fingers*)

have fun eating fondue and staying up until midnight!

New Years Resolutions!
(what are yours?)

  1. Get all my DIYs, crafts and all that stuff semi-organized
  2. stop procrastinating
  3. eat better (pfft, yeah sure)
  4. get a new pair of shoes (hehe this one's pretty easy, right?)
  5. stop procrastinating x10
lol. like i said before, have a great New Year's!!!

Listening to: Psycho Killer by Talking Heads

1 comment:

Ms M said...

Ahah procrastinating is scarily addictive!! And every year i promise myself to be healthy and then i end up eating peanut butter right out of the jar by the end of the day :(

damn willpower