Saturday, January 3, 2009

i love liv

love, love, love her!

love her hair & makeup too...

nice facial expressions.

today: while eating lunch 
mom: "Here honey, read this-" *hands NY Times*
me:  "Err.. what is it?
mom: "It's an article about abusive relationships. I think you should read it."
me: "Um, wow... thanks. That tells a lot about how you view me as your daughter."

Ouch man...


Bella said...

Oh I agree... Liv is gorgeous!

coatpockets said...

i know! a lot of people i know don't think she is pretty though. :/ but she is very elegant and her dad is a rockstar, how cool is that?

discothequechic said...

liv is so cool, I just wish we could see her more, or that she was in more films.

did you ever see stealing beauty?