Wednesday, January 14, 2009

holy crap. hoooooooooooolyyy crap.

i am excited because:
  1. school was cancelled today! *victory dance*
  2. tomorrow school is cancelled!! 
i am non-excited because:
  1. school is cancelled tomorrow because it's supposed to be a high of -8 degrees, without windchill (-60 with windchill)
  2. two days in a row with now school? freaking. awesome. 
so i'm very, very sorry if power goes out and/or i don't feel like freezing my butt off by getting out of bed.

i think i'll go watch Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle.

i hope it not (extremely) cold for where ever you live!

dream beautiful dreams, and drink some delicious hot chocolate for me!

*edit* currently it is -20 degrees at 9 in the morning

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